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Imagine... Waking up to the morning sun in your own home, set in superbly landscaped surroundings with outstanding heritage.

A refreshing shower or bath followed by a relaxing breakfast. Or maybe a shopping trip to nearby Farnham, a round of golf or a walk in the country. Morning coffee served in the lounge and leisurely conversation with other villagers.

A wholesome or light lunch in the dining room, a lazy afternoon in the beautifully kept, award-winning grounds, a game of Scrabble or bridge in the well-equipped library followed by tea and biscuits.

A quiet night in with a glass of wine or maybe a trip to the theatre in Guildford. Home to bed in a secure and genial atmosphere, looking forward to another day at Beaumont Village.

Everything you need for everything you want to do, including care if you need it. A relaxing, worry-free environment that's conducive to what you want and what you need out of life.
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Beaumont Village (Aldershot) Ltd
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